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Code of Conduct for Seller Partners

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V-Believers Marketing Private Limited (hereinafter referred as “V-Believers’) expects its all Seller Partners to uphold the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity in all their dealings and activities as Seller Partners. This Code of Conduct for Seller Partners (hereinafter referred as “Code”) forms part of the V-Believers Policies & Procedures and all other regulations and agreements currently in place, which bind every Seller Partner. Any serious breach of the Code, Policies & Procedures, regulations and agreements in place will involve action(s) being taken by the V-Believers in accordance with the Company’s Policies & Procedures.

The Code explains proper conduct of business for Seller Partners to practice. Additionally, V-Believers encourages all Seller Partners to obtain and observe the Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and Guidelines issued by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution under the Direct Selling Guidelines, 2016 and the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021.

It is a mandatory requirement that the Seller Partners comply with the Code at all times.



Contact & Communications

A    Seller Partner:

a)   Will at all times, when contacting anyone either from a telephone list or by other means, respect the privacy and wishes of the person contacted;

b)   Will not visit a consumer’s premises without identity proof and prior appointment or approval.

c)   Will never engage in objectionable or abusive conduct, unfair or aggressive conduct when contacting or dealing with any other person in relation to V-Believers or opportunity it provides;

d)   Will offer the opportunities of, and association with V-Believers, on its merits without exaggeration, concealment, curiosity or misrepresentation;

e)   Will ensure they maintain their personal presentation in dress, language and documentation to the highest possible standard;

f)    Will observe the provisions of the law and good manners regarding times and days when making the call and appointments.

g)   Shall not engage in any deceptive or unlawful trade practice as defined by any Central, State or local law or regulation. No Seller Partner shall operate any illegal or unlawful business enterprise, engage or participate in any illegal or unlawful business activity or be convicted of any illegal or unlawful activity.


A  Seller Partner presenting the Business Plan at any time, conducting a Training Event or Seminar or V-Believers Seller Partners Meeting shall:

a)  Not falsely represent to any person any details regarding the financial rewards available under the V-Believers Plan;

b)  Not take any money or consideration in any form from any prospective person in the name of joining the Company or training;

c)   Not make any false or misleading representations about the features of As V-Believers  products, services and programmers, including as to their standard, quality, value, characteristics, accessories, uses for a particular purpose, merchantability or benefits;

d) Not make any false or misleading representations about the price of V-Believers products;

e)   Not engage in conduct that is liable to mislead anyone as to the nature, manufacturing process, characteristics, suitability for purpose or quality of any V-Believers products;

f)    Not make any false or misleading representations concerning the need by anyone for goods;

g)   Use official literature as approved by V-Believers including forms, scripts and other tools.


A Seller Partner must not at any time:

a)   Take advantage of another person's disabilities or weaknesses, such as illness, age, infirmity, lack of education or unfamiliarity with language;

b)   actively solicit or demand orders for V-Believers products by anything other than an offer to collate any order a Seller Partner wishes to make, including by the use of physical force, undue harassment or coercion;

c)   Refuse to identify themselves when requested to do so.


Seller Partners shall not give a false representation as to the nature of the relationship between V-Believers and its Seller Partners. A Seller Partners is required to indemnify V-Believers for the cost of any damage or prejudice stemming from such false representation, including any legal fees V-Believers may have incurred.

V-Believers Seller Partners are independent contractors operating their own businesses. They shall not represent that they are employees of V-Believers, nor shall they refer to themselves as “agents,” “managers,” or “company representatives”, nor shall they use such terminology or descriptive phrases on their stationery or other printed material. Further Direct Retailers/Sellers shall not use the address of any V-Believers establishment, V-Believers intellectual property or misrepresent their association with V-Believers.

Seller Partners shall not use the V-Believers Seller Partners identification card to create the impression that there is a subordinate relationship with V-Believers. The identification card issued to a Seller Partners by V-Believers is to be used exclusively when the Seller Partners wants to purchase products from V-Believers and at the time of approaching consumer for sale and the usage of the identification card shall be governed additionally by the terms given on the identification card.


Promote Ethical Business Practice

A Seller Partner shall:

a)   ensure the Seller Partner in his/her group are aware of this Code and at all times carry out their Business relationships either within the group or with Seller Partner of the public in a lawful manner, with courtesy and integrity, and in accordance with this Code;

b)   ensure they remain well informed regarding laws applicable to the Business and duties of a Seller Partner including other essential facts and public policies or regulations which may affect such Business and duties;

c)   keep confidential and not unethically use information that may be of detriment to another Seller Partner's Business.

6. Compliance

V-Believers and a Distributor will ensure full compliance of the Code:

a) for V-Believers by Directors, Executives and all other employees;

b) for Seller Partner by Seller Partners and their Downlines.


V-Believers will administer its dealings with Seller Partner in a manner that is conducive to compliance of the Code of Conduct.


If a Seller Partner becomes aware of a breach of this Code, and wishes to proceed to lodge a

complaint, the complaint should be made in writing in accordance to V-Believers Policies & Procedures by sending an email at contact@vbelievers.com.


If a Seller Partner violates any Rules and / or the Code or breach the terms of Direct Seller Contract, the Company reserves right to terminate distributorship of the concerned Seller Partner with immediate effect. Once, distributorship terminated, Seller Partner shall lose all rights and benefits accompanying with V-Believers distributorship as well as their network. The Company also reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against such Seller Partner.


Any dispute or difference arise in relation to interpretation of the provisions of this Privacy Policy shall be governed by the provisions of Indian laws and Mohali (Punjab) Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain the same.